Wednesday, January 28, 2015

the Triton, winner of The Barris de Elegance Award: Mike Garner's 1960 Chevy El Camino (built by Keith Dean)

there was no one around to close it up so we can see what it looks like... it must be pretty good for Barris to give it his award

I dig the seats  and see through top

this bottom photo is from Barris' Facebook page 

the 507 coupe

For racing purposes only... Autocut Speed Wheels

unique displays at the Grand National Roadster Show

I don't think I've ever seen a whiskey jugg and rope barrier before, or a series of rims with the rope tied around them... both are very cool

D-day, the 6th of June. That's the same day as "Convoy" the trucking song takes place. Coincidence?

It was the dark of moon on the sixth of June, In a Kenworth pullin' logs.
Cab-over Pete with a reefer on, And a Jimmy haulin hogs.
We was headin' for bear on I -10, About a mile outta Shakeytown.
 I said: Pigpen, this here's the Rubber Duck, "And I'm about to put the hammer down.

Happy kid on a Harley

Elvis by Celebrity Customs Italian Team

a drag racing gasser woody station wagon that was in REAL bad shape

The Valley Custom '38 Ford convertible sedan at the Grand National Roadster Show

Sometimes posting photos or including them on a tv show brings attention to incredible stuff, and viewers send in photos, like this Road Runner sent into "Graveyard Cars"

Found on  the facebook page for the TV show. No information came with it, why it's in a stream bed, etc.

Van with fuel siphoning set up found in Florida that pumped out of gas station tanks