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the 1972 Tiffany edition Olds 98 Regency and 1979 Gucci Cadillac Seville

the 75th anniversary of Oldsmobile, and the Tiffany Gold painted exterior, with silver plated keys, and a Tiffany clock, powered by the 455, and had fender skirts. Yeah, 455, and fender skirts. Mixed message right there

The illustrious Oldsmobile brand was America’s oldest automobile manufacturer. An Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight was the company Flagship. Oldsmobile built 121,568 Ninety-Eights for the 1972 model year and set a new sales record for the model. “There was a special feel…in an Oldsmobile…”

The Oldsmobile Series Eighty-Eight and Series Ninety-Eight were so forward thinking that they both were used as Cadillac’s “test car.” Before Cadillac would introduce a new feature or accessory it was first “test-driven” on the Eighty-Eight/Ninety-Eight Series first.

 The fabulous first generation front wheel drive 1967 Fleetwood Eldorado was actually “test-driven” as the Oldsmobile Toronado then refined.

a Miami-based company named International Automotive Design, Inc. modified production cars with a Gucci-designed and branded trim package in 1978-79.

A gold plated Gucci hood ornament, green and red Gucci stripes, Gucci upholstery on the armrests, headrests, headliner, and floor mats, a five piece set of fitted luggage, and gold plated Gucci emblems galore made up the “Designed by Gucci” package. It elevated the price of the car to $19,900 in 1978, 40 percent over the Seville’s $14,161 base price, and to $22,900 in 1979

Joan Rivers jokes about Delorean

She has a bit, "Drugs and New York" on Sirius XM radio, on one of the comedy channels

She says she could tell that Delorean was into cocaine, because the horn on his DMC 12 didn't beep beep, it went Toot Toot

and the tires, they were snow tires

Ok... it sounded a hell of a lot funnier when Joan told it.

But, hey, what was going on with that whole thing about Delorean and cocaine? Turns out, the US government set out to trap him. He wasn't doing shit with drugs, the government was!

In order to seem tough on drugs, the govt agencies had to get headlines, and instead of going after actual drug lords, king pins, cartels, and anyone in Florida with money and a white powdery nose, they went for people that didn't shoot back, didn't own judges and congressmen, etc. They tried to bag business men in trouble

Enter stage right, John Delorean, designer of the GTO and Firebird, etc. 17 million dollars over budget, in debt, whatever... because the DMC 12 cost twice what a Corvette did... and no one needed it.

He was building them in Ireland, great for the local economy, but it made transporting them to the USA a bit expensive.

So, some schmuck in the USA busted for cocaine, gets a deal with the US govt who wanted recognizeable names and celebs, hears how desperate Delorean is, and strings him along. Delorean gets suspicious, tells his car company lawyer, even writes a "in case they kill or kidnap me and I go missing" letter to his lawyer when he meets with the criminal, who threatens to kill his daughter if he backs out.

The criminal brings out a suitcase, says it's full of cocaine, and his Columbian connections want Delorean to launder money, and make money, with fake stock certificates. Enter stage left, FBI agent with a "your under arrest for cocaine trafficing"

Then at the trial, the prosecution was all effed up, and evidence was tampered with, destroyed to make Delorean's innocence unproveable, etc, 47 minutes of the FBI's tapes were blanked out. A DEA agent had mentioned to a prosecution witness, before all this went down, that HE was going to bag Delorean, as he read the Wall Street Journal paper about Delorean's financial problems. Another witness, an FBI agent, destroyed his notes, (destruction of evidence) who, at the court room, was berated by his FBI boss for effing up the case... and this was caught on microphones of the press, in a room next to the courtroom. Oops!

August 1984, the jury returns a verdict, not guilty by reason of clear government entrapment

Monaco posters

Ain't it the truth

How and why the SCCA went racing on military bases in the 1950s is covered thoroughly in a book, Runways and Racers, Terry O'Niell

I love this artwork, and that they kept to a theme

And if you're going to get that book, better follow it up with the other

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the 1954 Savannah Grand Prix ( Hunter Air Force Base, SCCA) had a Bugatti Royale as the pace car! And it had been ordered by the King of Romania, -but- the war got in the way, so it was hidden in the Paris sewers

Savannah Grand Prix. Hunter Air Force Base, GA. March 14, 1954.

Bugatti Type 41 Royale Coupe de Ville Binder.

The second Royale built, but the first to find a customer, is chassis no.41.111 Never actually delivered to the King of Romania due to the war, but it was hidden from the Nazis by storing it in the sewers of Paris

Sold in April 1932 to French clothing manufacturer Armand Esders.

 Ettore's eldest son, Jean, fashioned for the car a dramatic two-seater open body with flamboyant, full-bodied wings and a dickey seat, but no headlamps. In this form it became known as the Royale Esders Roadster.

Purchased by the French politician Paternotre, the car was rebodied in the Coupé de ville style by the coach builder Henri Binder. From this point onwards, known as the Coupé de ville Binder

Briefly located in the United Kingdom after World War 2, and was then acquired by Dudley C. Wilson of the US in 1954.

Dudley Wilson was a sports car racer, and in 1948, won at Langhorne. This Philadelphia track was created in 1926, as the 1st dirt track built specifically for car racing.

On his death in 1961 it passed to banker Mills B Lane of Atlanta for $4500 before in 1964 taking up residence in The Harrah Collection at Reno, Nevada, bought at the then sensational price of $45,000 (approximately what the car had cost new).

Sold in 1986 to an American collector, home builder, and US Air Force General William Lyon, who offered the car during the 1996 Barrett-Jackson Auction by private sale, where he refused an offer of US$11 million; the reserve was set at US$15 million.

In 1999, the new owner of the Bugatti brand, Volkswagen AG, bought the car for a reported US$20 million. Now used as a brand promotion vehicle, it travels to various museums and locations

here it is before it was rebodied.

only half a dozen Royales were built, of which three were sold. One went to France, another to Germany and the third to England.

In chassis number order there’s the Coupe Napoleon (Ettore’s own car that has had five different bodies), the Binder Coupe de Ville (two bodies), the Weinberger (original roadster body), the Park Ward (original limousine body), the racy Kelner coupe (original grand tourer body) and finally (though possibly the first made) the Double Berline de Voyage (original body).

the Coupe Napoleon is in France’s Mulhouse National Automobile Museum, together with an authentic replica of No 2 with original roadster body. The Weinberger cabriolet now resides in The Henry Ford

Hunter AFB was distinctly unique in that it became the only U.S. military installation named for a living American, Major General (Retired) Frank Hunter.

this might be a very amazing belly tanker, because Rad Rods by Troy will be working on it

The Bonneville Belly Tanker for Scott and Jane Billish.

Col Sanders was a Shell gas station manager in Nashville in the 1920s, and got into a gunfight and shot a rival gas station manager. That's a fact.

Harland Sanders was managing a Shell gas station in Nashville during the late 1920s and was at war with a competing Standard Oil station down the road.

Matt Stewart, the owner of the Standard Oil station kept painting over a sign that was advertising Sanders' business. Sanders and Stewart were both hot tempered men, and pretty soon Sanders threatened to shoot Stewart if he kept messing with his signs.

Sanders was meeting with two district managers from Shell one day when they saw Stewart painting over the sign yet again. Sanders and the two men rushed down to stop him. Stewart saw the men coming, jumped off his painting ladder and started shooting. Robert Gibson, one of the Shell managers, was killed in a hail of Stewart's bullets. Sanders grabbed Gibson's gun off his dead body and returned fire along with the surviving manager, H. D. Shelburne.

"Don't shoot, Sanders! You've killed me!" Stewart reportedly said. Obviously, Sanders hadn't killed Stewart but he was indeed wounded. And in the wake of the bloody mess all the surviving men were arrested. The case went to trial and both Shelburne and Sanders got off without serving any time. Matt Stewart on the other hand received 18 years for murdering Shell manager Robert Gibson.

The 2012 book Colonel Sanders and the American Dream by Josh Ozersky tells the real story of the shootout in riveting detail.

Wow, Never thought that would be a play, acting out the situation, on You Tube... what a strange thing

Unbelieveable, start watching at the 3 minute mark... this is the easy way to see who is off their meds

A 10, Warthog, and basically a flying tank that can pass shrapnel through the engine

when you get a bent rod on your container ship, it's literally a big deal

the state of Ohio, whose official state rock song – this is a completely true fact – is "Hang On Sloopy" by The McCoys, issues bright yellow license plates to people convicted of driving under the influence.

There is some precedent. Not from another state government, or from another jurisdiction elsewhere in the world, but rather from Nathaniel Hawthorne's famous 1850 novel The Scarlet Letter.

People in Ohio refer to these as "Party Plates"

kids rooms that are amazing

1880's, Raton Tunnel New Mexico

The art of colorful tire treads on the San Diego County Admin bldg parking garage

angriest Winnebago salesman in the world, NOT SAFE for work, or kids

USRRC Riverside GT Race 1965 Ken Miles - CSX2431 First Place

Magnetic Brain finds the coolest stuff!

“Hardware cabinet. Manufactured by The American Bolt and Screw Case Company. Dayton, OH. (1880-1909)"

Travis Pastrana has a cool roadshow, the Nitro Circus, and check out these tricks

and skip the first 2 minutes in the below video

train crash in the news, 2 passenger trains head on at 75 mph in Germany