Saturday, April 30, 2016

George Schrieber's 1st top fueler (the second was the Bushmaster) here is Ed Roth's Yellow Fang

as interesting as this is you really oughta look at the Bushmaster, it's psychedelic blacklight paint, and one of the most unique dragsters I've seen. This Ed Roth slingshot is another

Friday, April 29, 2016

spiffy ol taxi

Goofy, but an interesting look at 70s hot rod comics

sprint car man cave

big closures and cut backs for Caterpillar's non union factories, meanwhile, the CEO bagged an 18 million dollar pay package

Caterpillar Inc. says it will close five more factories, and cut 820 blue collar jobs, in reaction to slowing demand for construction and mining equipment worldwide by cutting capacity.

Caterpillar says it has laid off 5,300 workers between last September through March 30. With Thursday’s announcement, Caterpillar is closing or consolidating 20 facilities.

Mr. Oberhelman’s base salary last year was flat with 2014 at $1.6 million. His overall compensation increased because of larger awards of stock and options. He received stock and options worth $13 million when they were issued, compared with $8.4 million in 2014 when he received only options.

and yet in 2014 they had this world record high sand castle built to increase brand recognition

In the news, the Dead Red laws, now bikers can legally move through a red light if it doesn't change to green after 2 minutes in 16 states

Late last month Indiana joined 15 other states with the passing of house bill 1080, better known as the “dead red” law.

The bill, authored by local state representative Mike Karickhoff (R), authorizes motorcycle, moped, and bicycle riders who fail to trigger a traffic signal at an intersection to drive through a red light, so long as the rider first stops for two minutes and then proceeds cautiously.

The other states that have “dead red” laws are Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Nevada, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and California.

CNN reporter Lisa Ling went into the Mongols MC and did a episode for her show "Life With Lisa". It aired last October

car guys know this

Full size snap together model car kits

I've posted these before, separately, and never could find them, so here they are together

celebrating 90 years of commercial aviation, United posts a cool interactive timeline website

take a moment to relax and get a kick out of their marketing coup

The carrot and stick approach to govt mandated safety bike helmets

It's coupons for ice cream if the Prince Edward Island (PEI) cops see you with a helmet, and a ticket for a $500 fine or an education session on why nosy do-gooders made the bike helmet law in Canada.

Sure, Canadians are the most polite, but damn, when some intrusive jackass decides what you have to do with your safety passes a law, they strap you to a cannon and lite the fuse.

Kim writes: "But making helmets mandatory for bicyclists could backfire: While they no doubt help in a crash, a law about them would also send the message, that bicycling is an inherently dangerous activity. Many years ago in the UK, a study was made about the consequences of making bicycle helmets mandatory. Turned out that it'd cause so many people then not bicycle at all, that the overall health benefits would decline."

Coolest story you'll hear all day, airline pilot surprises military son, pilots him out of the middle east. "I made my way behind him and asked, 'First Lieutenant Lopes, what are you doing on my aircraft?'"

Capt. Mario Lopes, a Washington D.C.-based pilot with United Airlines, learned that his son, First Lt. Mario Lopes, was scheduled to return from Kuwait on April 14. When Lopes learned that there was an opportunity to pilot a military flight to Norfolk, Virginia, on the same day, he knew he had to seize it.

"I told my wife that this couldn't be a coincidence," Lopes said. "No one could confirm or deny if he would actually be a passenger on my aircraft, but I knew I had to take the chance and find out."

When the day of the flight came, Lopes briefed the crew about his plan to surprise his son and asked for their help in distracting him.

"I gave my lead flight attendant Audrey a bag of Mario's favorite cookies to distract him while I tried to sneak onboard," Lopes told ABC News.

the 1873 bus at the 1923 Le Mans, it's 50th anniverasary (wow)

begin the slow clap of brotherly approval for the man that blocks the speed camera with his hatchback, and goes to the pub for a pint!

the Boss of all days, Happy 429 day!

and I also want to feature the rarest of 429 SCJ cars, the Cobra Falcon

and share my apprecitation of the often overlooked Torino (this one was only used once and stuffed into storage)

possibly the best looking muscle car of the 60s

the only 429 Torino Squire, reminds us that even station wagons could be special ordered

and don't forget, the Boss Cougar! Even Mercury's had muscle!

and I have to include the rarely mentioned Talledaga