Friday, March 27, 2015

nice photo of an Indian against a blue background

one of the few wheeled things that became obsolete, and organ grinder

very small piece of a 1925 New Orleans photo found on Shorpy


WW2 Army Surplus quonset hut gas station

Shoemanthal's Gulf Station & Garage, Fredonia, New York. (1948)

Found on

the universal word for all hope is lost

It has a new home, and air in the tires. 1947 Buick hearse, body by Hercules

And it could have been yours. It sat in a field in Greece for a couple years, but this month finally was bought and is now in Italy getting a new life

Passing on a 2 lane... annoying right? But a GT-R went too far, and forgot that important physics law, you can't apply brakes if you ain't on the ground

James Garner made the cover of many hot rodding magazines

the '72 Olds Cutlass Banshee, 2/3rd scale body by Barris, engineering by Vic Hickey

they know the bigger hammer rule of mechanics